The group continued along the tour passing the old mill built in the 1860s, meandering along the side streets we passed a farmhouse being lovingly restored by its owner and the oldest surviving public school in downtown Brampton. Further along the tour, across from the CNR station, resides the The Wright Castle a lovely white home of former Premier William Davis.

Wright Castle

The Hewetson Shoe Factory lies to the northwest of the Wright Castle and is an example of early 20th Century Industrial style. What intrigued me most about this was the wrought iron fence and lamp posts that circled the two sides of the building. I’m not sure if the fence was part of the original building but it sure adds character to it now.

Hewetson Shoe Factory

After photographing a few more buildings we found ourselves on Main Street, three hours after we started the tour. The tour itself should only take about 1.5 hours so we had definitely taken our time most of the 41 spots. We still had a few more to see along Main.

Rainbow Scoot-a-long

After all that walking it was time to get some lunch to fill our empty tummies.