Galina and I headed out to Grimsby this morning for a hike along the Bruce Trail. The hope was to hit about 4 waterfalls in the area. Much to our chagrin it deemed to be a very unsuccessful attempt. Things were looking a little brown and very dry. None of the waterfalls had water flowing. A couple had a puddle here and there but otherwise our hike was a sea of brown.

The Brown & Green

Okay yes there is some green but it’s moss and walking past the occasional spot with moss does not make up for all the brown we walked through. I thought it best to pick the best photo from the bunch I took and yes this was it. *Sigh* Sometimes days are a bust…but not always. We decided to drive over to the Devil’s Punchbowl waterfall to see if we could get something worthwhile.

Devil’s Punchbowl from Above

Okay so it didn’t really save the day with the high sun but it turned out to be a good scouting mission to see where the best spots were to capture this waterfall. Now I just need to figure out the best day and time to hit this spot again. Luckily it’s part of the trail and I will have to pass it again over my next few hikes.

There was one interesting photograph I was able to get. Down from the waterfall on the lookout into the valley resides a very large cross with light bulbs surrounding it.


It’s an odd thing to have here but I guess it had to go somewhere. And it makes for an interesting photograph.