This evening Brad Quarrington and I scouted out High Park in Toronto for an engagement shoot he has planned for Sunday evening. It was a cold, dreary day and we hoped to get out trip done before the rain started. I haven’t been to the park in some time and the last time I was it was a beautiful, hot summer day. Today was definitely not anything close to that. That said I got some really good images even though that was not the initial purpose of our walk.

Through the Trees

You can see that the trees are still lacking in leaves except, of course, for the pines. I put this in black and white since it was just a sea of brown and greyish green looking pines. The Sakura cherry trees are barely budding but as we walked along Grenadier Pond the amazing size of the willows along the pond showed the potential of the photographs that could be taken.

Grenadier Pond

Walking through the park its sometimes easy to forget that one of Canada’a largest city lies just beyond its borders. After hitting the south end of the park we decided that it was time to head back. Brad was happy with what we had seen and had some good spots in mind for his shoot on Sunday. As we wandered back to the car the rain started to drizzle and little birds started huddling against the cold and wet.

Trying to Stay Warm

It turned out to be a pretty good scouting mission as I came away with some really nice images.