The BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha Temple is one of the most intricate and beautiful temples I have seen. Now that comes with a caveat since I haven’t done that much travelling around the world as I would have liked.  I have been here before once the day before the official opening and once on a freezing cold afternoon. Today I had the opportunity to see  more than I normally would and Dave ended up joining me this time around.

Marble Marvel

Standing here it feels like you are transported to another place. It certainly doesn’t feel like the west end of Toronto. As we shot the west side of the building we were approached by a security guard who suggested we go inside to ensure we were allowed to photograph. So we headed in and were told that it was no problem since we were shooting for ourselves and not commercially. Since we were inside we decided the check out the interior. Unfortunately there is no photography allowed at all inside which is such a shame as it is even better on the inside than the outside. I would have thought that was not possible but it was. It is much smaller on the inside than I would have guessed so soon we were back outside shooting again.

Temple Door

A beautiful hand carved marble building it still amazes me to stand up close and see what a human’s hand can do.