Okay yes I’ve said this before but really and truly its here. And the reason i know this is because the trilliums have started to bloom! That is always the first sign of spring here in Ontario…okay that and the pretty cherry tree blossoms (which technically are not blooming just yet but they are very, very close). We have had the fortunate advantage of actually skipping the long spring that we used to get back when I was a kid and now we head straight to summer temps within a couple of weeks. Today’s predicted temps were about 22C. They were more like 25C and my red burned skin can attest to that.


The trilliums are not the only flowers peeking their heads out to let us mere humans know summer is on its way. There are all sorts including the pretty little yellow Trout Lilies.

Trout Lilies

Flowers are not the only indicator. The bird are back from their long trip from the south. Robins, cardinals, blue jays and woodpeckers can be heard singing looking for their mates.

Woodpecker on the Prowl

It was great to see the beginnings of spring/summer finally show itself.