Today I went out photographing with my friend Roy, editor of Outdoor Photography Canada magazine, in order to take advantage of the short flowering season of the Trilliums. I decided the best spot would be off of Guelph Line where I had found large groups of Trilliums last spring.

One Stands Apart

It turned out to be a successful day as the chosen area did not disappoint – there were Trilliums everywhere. It was still a little sparse compared to last year but it was just the start of the season, some were not even open yet. In another week it would be much fuller. As we reached the end of the area we were shooting I was surprised to find a double bloom hidden among the regular Trilliums.

Double Bloom

I had never seen anything like this. When I got home that evening I just couldn’t stop shooting flowers and was once again in the flower garden happily shooting away.

Little Purple Flowers

It was a lot of fun spending the day away from hiking the Bruce and focusing on some macro work. Thank you to Roy for being my photo buddy for the day.