Having made the effort this year to get my butt to High Park for the blooming of the Cherry trees I decided to find out if there were some a little closer to home. I had heard through a friend that there were some trees in Archdekin Park in Brampton. So, I met up with my friend Dave to check out the rumours. After searching down the trees we found that most no longer any flowers. Probably due to the rain and winds we’ve had lately. We walked a little further to the Kiwanis Park but then decided to try out another park in Mississauga. This time we had a lot more luck. Kariya Park, located in the heart of Mississauga, is the place to be in the spring.

Weeping Flowers

We had to wait out some of people that also had come here to photograph the flowering trees but eventually our patience paid off and I got this shot of the cherry tree path.

Blossoms of Kariya

There are also beautiful birch trees, Japanese Maples and little ponds in this relatively small park.

Colours of Spring

It is worth the time to get over to this park at any time of year.