It’s always a little disconcerting to be told prior to a hike that coyotes are in the area. Although it would be great to photograph one of these in the wild the thought of walking into a forest alone makes one a little anxious. Of course this feeling passes pretty quickly as I get into my hike.


As I shot the sign above I heard the song of a cardinal that was very close by and I found him on another tree just up the hill. Although a bit dark and busy I was happy to get this shot of him singing.

Singing Cardinal

One of thing that is starting to make a huge appearance on the trail is mushrooms. Yes, yes, I know I have tonnes of photos of mushrooms but they are such interesting little plants and they can be quite colourful or even very large.

Dryad’s Saddle

The ones above are of the medium size – about the size of a hand but there were ones larger than my head growing out of stumps of a tree. The most surprising thing is someone had carved initials into one of them.