Today’s journey took me from the edge of the Devil’s Punchbowl area to Felker’s Falls Conservation Area. I always find it surprising how often the trail changes within a short area. At the beginning of my hike I crossed paths with an old road and found a funny little sign.

Road Closed

It seemed quite odd that a “Road Closed” sign would be hanging here  where there obviously hasn’t been a road for quite awhile. But that’s how it is on the trail. Many little odd things can be found along it. Usually it’s a car but I think I like this sign better. It’s certainly unusual. Moving north the trail leads me into Felker’s Falls Conservation Area named after the waterfall that resides in its borders.

Felker’s Falls

So far this is one of my favourite conservation areas. I love its wide winding path with a log fence along the escarpment on one side and tall trees on the other.

Felker’s Falls Conservation Area

On my way back to the car along as I reentered the conservation area a blue jay attempted to land on the fence and actually slipped off before catching itself and flying away. Very graceful. Sometimes I forget that the animals trip too. It was a funny end to my day.