I went out with Nigel this morning to photograph some shore birds in the Burlington area. Our first stop was just under the Skyway bridge. Hundreds of Ring-billed Gulls were nesting along the shoreline and the smaller islands.

Ring-billed Gull with nestling.

Baby looks pretty warm and comfy under mom’s wing. Also in the area were Cormorants who nest in very large communities. The nestlings can sometimes been seen sticking their heads out of the nest like the one below.

Cormorant & Nestling

I convinced Nigel to check out the beach on the opposite side of the highway after we had our fill of the gulls and cormorants. Mainly I wanted to use my ND 1000x filter to shoot some long exposures. Unfortunately the waves were not big enough to produce the particular effect I was looking for.

Long Exposure Beach

I’m looking forward to playing a lot more with this filter over the summer.