On my way home from an appointment I decided to take a quick stop at the Adamson Estate. It’s been awhile since I stopped in last and it was much cooler when I had. Today was sunny and warm. I had only the 50mm lens on the camera so it would be a good challenge. And who doesn’t love a challenge?


I really liked how the lens has such a shallow depth of field giving the softness to the edges of this particular photo. The bee was further in from the flowers at the edges which caused this dreamy effect.


Rhododendrons are in full bloom and the estate has many different colours in its gardens. I choose these to photograph as they were in the shade and were evenly lit.

Pet Cemetery

Walking through a forested area I stumbled upon the pet cemetery. I hadn’t realized this was something that was actually done. I mean, of course, I had seen it in movies but people really did this? Apparently they do. The cemetery was quite small and looked like mostly dogs but it was difficult to see the headstones through the vegetation.