While sitting outside enjoying the afternoon sun I noticed two mushrooms near our peach tree. The larger of the two mushrooms was sheltering a smaller one. I had to grab my camera and start exploring this relationship between the two of them.


It was as though a father was sheltering his child from the rain or some danger. I decided to process it in black and white to bring out their relationship rather than having colour to distract from them. After exploring them I decided to see what else I could find in the garden. Next up was a red dahlia that had a vibrant yellow centre.


By taking away the colour the details in the petals and centre really popped out.

We have Sweet Williams in the garden and they come in a variety of colours. This one in particular caught my attention because of the white pattern halfway through the petals.

Markings of Old

It almost seemed to be an ancient text waiting to be discovered written in the flower.