I was back on the Bruce Trail again today and it was a hot one. Most of this part of the trail follows an old railway trail but first I had to hike through some forest which happened to be full of little buzzing creatures called mosquitos. Normally I don’t care but that buzzing noise they make drives me insane. I was happy to get my feet back on the paved path.

Daisy Fleabane

Daisy Fleabane

Near the end of the hike was a beautiful wall covered in vines and some graffiti. There was just something about it that made me stop to take numerous photos. I think the white and red grafitti  amidst the green and crumbling stone is what initially made me stop.

Vine covered stone wall

The Wall

I took many different angles of this and couldn’t really choose which one I liked better. I guess that’s a good thing. I wanted this particular pic to have a slightly dreamy quality to it.