Seems that on my camping trip I did something to aggravate my leg so I’m stuck lying around until my leg heals. That said I did force myself to at least get some photos in the garden. First stop the deck and the yellow cup flowers (i think that’s what they’re called).

A trio of yellow flowers

A trio of yellow flowers

On the other side of the house my mother has these amazing tiger lilies. They are a lovely deep orange colour and I just love photographing them. It was a little hard to maneuver because of the bum leg so I didn’t get too many shots.

Three Tiger Lilies

Tigers tripled

I had some watering to do in the garden so I pulled out the hose and went to town on all the vegies and flowers. When I finished I noticed the fern in the front yard and had to get a shot of the droplets of water that had accumulated on it.

water drops on fern leaf

Water droplets on fern leaf

At this point I was pooped and ready to lie down to rest the leg but was happy that I managed to get out for some shots even though it was of the garden once again šŸ™‚