Today I went back to Claireville Conservation Area to see what Mother Nature has been up to for the last couple weeks. Last time I was here the leaves were still on the trees but a fairly substantial windstorm was on the way. My friend Dave and I met mid afternoon and entered the park following the same trail I had ventured along last time I was here.

Fallen Pine cone


Things along the beginning of the trail looked pretty much the same as tress along here are of the evergreen variety. Following the trail into the evergreen forest we came out into a meadow the deciduous trees that were looking very bare. The meadow was a sea of yellow which gave me an opportunity to work on composing for a monotone image.

Fields of Butter

Fields of Butter

The great thing about about November is that you start to see more as the fallen leaves have opened up a new view. Hiking the trail up to the road again I stopped to take a similar photo to what I had shot the last time I was here.


Remnants of Autumn

The only difference was that the leaves were mostly gone but some still remained along the road. We walked further down the road before turning back before the darkness rolled in for the evening.

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