With a few friends in tow I headed to Rockwood Conservation Area tonight to do some light painting. We came armed with all sorts of lights, flashes and some coloured gels too.

Through the Peephole

Through the Peephole

In the photo above we used a blue gel over a high powered flash to get the effect of blue light in the windows of the tower. Each taking our turn at aiming the flash and firing it off a few times so that everyone had a chance to play around with the technique.

LIghtpainting 2

Lightpainting 2

I tended to like the blue and red colours over the green and orange as you can see from the photos I’ve shown you here. My favourite from the evening was one where the moon was starting to crest above the tower.

Lightpainting 1

I used a very small aperture along with a long exposure to create the starburst effect on the moon. With someone inside the tower shooting a blue gelled flash and another using a non-filtered flash on the outside wall we get the above image. The long exposure gave us the time to shoot each flash off about five times. It took a few tries to get it right but once we did the effect was exactly what I was hoping for. Experimenting keeps your photography fresh and helps with that lack of motivation we all sometimes feel.