As a landscape and nature photographer you really have to get into the driving mindset. Living in an urban and even suburban area can be challenging in finding things to photograph – although not impossible. I’ve shared quite a bit of what I’ve found on my neighbourhood walks, however, getting into my car and driving around Ontario is where I find most of my shots. Some spots are great, others leave much to be desired. Those lacking are probably ones that have potential but are sometimes too challenging for me to figure out in just one visit. Fort Willow is one of those places. I discovered it by accident while driving home from searching for owls in Minesing Wetlands C.A. (I found no owls unfortunately).


I walked the grounds and even traversed part of the Trans Canada Trail but I got nothing. I saw some potential but either a certain tree was in the way or my angle was all wrong with no way of getting another one. This one was tough and the photo I’ve posted above is the only one I like from that day and it was from a small side road in Minesing.