After our last foray into the world of waterfalls Nigel Banks and I headed to yet another waterfall, this time in Grey County. Walter’s Falls is located south of Owen Sound at the Walter’s Falls Inn and Spa. I had never tried to get down into the gorge here but this time it was on our agenda to find the path down.┬áTurns out there is a fairly easy way to get down to the river its just getting upstream that can be just slightly tricky as there is no real path so you have to watch your step. It’s easy to turn your ankle here but if you go slow you will be met by a beautiful little waterfall.

Walter's Falls

Walter’s Falls

As you can see the waterfall splits into two separate ones as it comes over the top meaning you’ll need the wide lens to capture the full waterfall. Even mine was a little on the tight side. But you can focus on each one ┬álike I did here.

Walters Falls II

Walters Falls Right Side

My favourite side was to the left. There was just something about how the water came down and hit the large rock just below it.

Rocks Below

Walters Falls Left Side

You may have also noticed the dark mood of the photos above. We came at a specific time of day (and on one that was overcast) which meant there was barely any light getting down to the bottom of the gorge. And definitely none shining on the waterfall itself. This gave me the opportunity to create a set of moody photographs. I’m liking how they turned out. What do you think?