Our second day in Tobermory started very early this morning. Getting up at some god awful hour, while it was still dark, is not something I love doing but I am always willing to do it when it comes to photography. We drove over to Dave’s Bay to watch (and of course, photograph) the sunrise.  We were not the only ones there by any means. There was probably about ten other photographers on the beach and a few more stragglers came in just after the sun came up. 

Dave's Bay Sunrise

Dave’s Bay Sunrise

All the colours that you could ask for showed up in full display. The day, however, was only just starting and there were more things to discover in the Bruce Peninsula National Park. 

Heading back to town we picked up some breakfast and planned our outing to Singing Sands in hunt for some itty bitty little orchids called the Ram Head Lady’s Slipper. It’s one of my favourite orchids to photograph as it can be very challenging first, to find the little guys and second, to compose an interesting photo.

Ram's Head

Ram’s Head

To put this into some perspective this little orchid grows to about four inches. We had to get on our bellies to get the majority of the shots. While there we noticed a small toad hiding amongst the flowers and moss.

American Toad

American Toad

He was just hanging out enjoying some daylight trying not to get noticed. Unfortunately for him us photographers tend to notice things most people don’t, especially when we are nose-to-nose with the ground. We didn’t bother him too much, just took a few shots before moving back to the orchids. After this we pretty much called it a day and headed back to grab a nap and some dinner. Tomorrow we were packing up and heading home.