Today I’m went to bring in the new year with some winter bird photography with my friend Nigel. We headed out to the other side of Toronto to visit Lynde Shores Conservation Area. It’s one of our favourite areas to find birds. The park has a trail with a few feeders so you will always find some sort of bird and if you are lucky you will find more than just one type of bird. 

Blue Jay
Female Cardinal

We were not there long before a large group of turkeys ran in our direction in the hopes of getting some food.

Is it my turn yet?

After over an hour of photogrpahing the birds on this trail, we drove over to the west side of the park. There we found more birds but we also found four white-tailed deer wandering the forest near the paths.

Fluffed up Mourning Dove
White-tailed Deer

I love coming out to the area as it never disappoints. You can always see a wide variety of birds and hopefully the occasional deer to break the bird parade.