A couple of friends and I rented a room at Bongo’s place in Whitney, Ontario, just outside of Algonquin Provincial Park for a winter’s snowshoeing and photography adventure. With my friend Nigel down with a cold and not up to much this evening I set out on some late day snowshoeing with my other friend Paul to capture some photographs before the sun went down. 

From Bongo’s place there is a trail that takes you straight into Algonquin park so we decided to give that a go before the day left us. We strapped on the snowshoes and walked over to the path where we found some pretty epic views.

A Path to Algonquin
A Path to Algonquin

It turns out that we left a little later then we thought and the sun was heading down pretty quickly. Since we didn’t bring our lights we decided to turn around and head back to Bongo’s. By the time we got back the sun was gone and Bongo’s place looked very iniviting.

Bongo's Place
Bongo’s Place

Tomorrow the plan is to get in another snowshoe and see what forest critters we can find.