So…I went to the Nikon repair centre to get my D800 fixed.

Let’s back up a smidge: I was out on the Toronto Islands doing some work and was happily filming away. While waiting for the project manager so I could film his piece I noticed that something funky was going on. Nothing was recording to the card. But I continued to film thinking it was fine. Well, it was not fine. So two days later I’m here at the Nikon repair centre waiting to find out what happened.

While waiting for the tech to come to counter I started asking questions about the Nikon D810 box that happened to be sitting behind the counter.  It didn’t take long before that puppy was in my hands and out the door.

So that brings us to today. I have this new Nikon but I have tons of work to do which means I can’t go far, so of course, I head out to Claireville. (are you sick of this place yet?).

Okay, this thing is pretty similar to the D800 but damn these file sizes are HUGE! What is up with that? I mean, sometimes its great but what the heck am I going to do with these super large files? I think I need a larger hard drive now.

Okay, so these images are not the best but there is not much going on at this park in March. Everything is brown and blah. And this is all I got for you today. Back to work.