I love this time of year. Flowers are in full bloom and my afternoon walks are not too cold or too hot. It’s just perfect out.

purple haze
purple haze

While wandering the neighbourhood creek I noticed something unusual. A few of the trees near the road had been chewed on by beavers. I have never seen beavers in the area but I found out that there was a pair that moved in last summer and were eventually taken away.

Queen Sheba

To me the shape of the gnawed tree looks like a Queen Sheba silhouette. What do you think? Do you see something in the shape left behind by the beaver?

rings of ones life shown at the end of all things.

A few years ago one of the larger trees beside the creek was taken down and its remnants are a short stump with mosses growing on it. The pattern and texture is what made me take the photo. I think I may use this as a texture on another photo. Hmm…but what photo?