Another glorious late day walk around the neighbourhood with my macro lens. First up is this beautiful Red Clover which you will notice is purple. I’m not sure why its considered a Red Clover. If anyone knows, please feel free to comment below because I have no idea.

Red Clover

I absolutely loved how the light played off these Foxtails. Normally you wouldn’t notice that there is a little pink in its tail but with the slight breeze and the angle of the light it caught it perfectly.

Foxtail Barley

Near the end of my walk I came across Smooth Bromegrass. (Yeah, I had to look that one up. And it took awhile to figure it out. It might not even be right.) The light was dancing amongst the grass as the breeze blew in.

A soft light on Smooth Bromegrass

Absolutely beautiful! That late day light makes the same boring walk extra special.