At the creek today I noticed that some new branches are starting to grow on the sumac bushes. I didn’t realize that they are fuzzy. And, yes, they are soft to the touch. 


Sumac branch

It’s very strange to see branches that are fuzzy. At first I didn’t know what kind of plant I was looking it but then I noticed it was part of the huge sumac area that has grown up since they let this area “go wild:. And that’s not all that’s growing on the sumac – the flowers are starting to bloom as well.

Sumac Flower

Sumac Flower

It doesn’t look like much right now but this bunch of flowers will be one large red mass by summer. As I continued down towards the schoolyard I noticed these two nuts,

Black Walnut

Black Walnut – maybe

I have no clue what they are but I’m guessing they might be nuts from the Black Walnut tree. This is another of those plants I will have to keep an eye out for as the summer comes and possibly even into fall. For now I will have to settle for not knowing for sure, unless you might know?