On today’s installment of my neighborhood walk, I decided to look for groupings and patterns in nature. My first grouping of flowers is these fluffy little puffballs that have obviously moved onto their next stage of life. I have no idea what they might be but they are soft to the touch.

Fluffy Balls

Fluffy Balls

I guess that they may have been a type of thistle or something.

I then came across this Queen’s Anne Lace whose pattern was broken by a little petal from the sumac.

Sumac petal on Queen Anne's Lace

Sumac petal on Queen Anne’s Lace

I don’t know if they call this little nub a petal or not but I’m going to refer to it that way.

Zuchinni leaf

Zucchini leaf

Walking back home, I noticed these leaves poking out from a backyard fence into the creek area. I think they either belong to the zucchini plant or possibly a cucumber plant. Either way, I was intrigued by the veining in the leaf. I created a black and white image to accentuate the contrast between the veins and the rest of the leaf.

There are a lot of patterns in nature, and when you make an effort to look for it, you’ll find it everywhere.