I’ve brought my 105mm lens on my walk today to reshoot the leaf from yesterday. The reason for switching to the 105mm was to see if I could get more of the leaf in focus. 

Pink Leaf Take Two

I think it did a much better job than the 55mm lens. You can see more of the veining in the leaf than with the 55mm lens. I’m much happier with this photo.

Japanese Spindle Tree Berry

On the opposite side of the creek, I found these pink berries. I only see them in late fall, and this year I’ve finally identified what this plant is – the Japanese Spindle. It’s native to China, Korea, and Japan so obviously someone planted this in their backyard where it’s made its way into the creek area.


I walked by the area where there were so many dogwood roses in summer. The roses are now gone, but a few rosehips have been left behind on the bare branches.

I spotted a lot of pink and red today on my walk. It looks like late fall isn’t so brown after all.