With autumn still here and things back to being brown, I’ve slapped on my macro lens and headed back out into the wilds of my neighbourhood to find some things to photograph.


I passed this poor sumac flower at the beginning of my walk and it looks like it has taken quite a beating. It’s literally hanging on by a thread.

Goldenrod Gall Fly

This Goldenrod has been invaded by a gall fly larva. In late spring, the female gall fly deposits her egg at the tip of the goldenrod plant. Ten days later the larva emerges and burrows down into the plant stem. The plant creates a gall, which is the spherical shape we see in the photo above. In the spring the gall fly emerges from the gall and the cycle happens all over again. And here I thought I was just some sort of growth on the plant rather than an insect causing it.

Japanese Spindle Tree Berries

I wandered over to the Japanese Spindle Tree to see if anything exciting was happening there. The berries have now opened up to expose the seeds. They are a unique shape and are now bright orange. Pretty neat little shrub.