Back to the Pinnacle

The goal today was to hike back to Murphy’s Pinnacle and then continue out of Boyne Valley Conservation Area. It was another hot one but luckily today’s temps stayed below the 30s so I decided to take it easy.

Down from Murphy’s Pinnacle

Walking along the path past the parking area the trail leads to fields of wheat which is quite striking against the green trees and grasses along the edge of the trail.

Field of Dreams

Leaving the fields behind I hiked into a denser portion of the forest which took me up and down a couple of hills and then eventually back down to the road below and out of the conservation area. I had had enough for the day so I turned around and made my way back up and down the last few hills. Near the car is a great view of a neighbouring barn and I took the opportunity to take a few shots before heading home for lunch.

Barn Beyond the Fence

A Pleasant Surprise

Today’s journey started in the Iroquoia section much later in the day than I normally head out on my hikes. We were supposed to get thunderstorms this morning in my end of town and all we got was a few minutes of rain. By noon the blue skies had appeared so I got myself ready and headed out to the Dundas area. The problem with the lack of rain was the humidity that hung in the air. I barely got half a kilometre down the trail before I was sweating up a storm. The start of my hike took me down a road and into a forest on the edge of a golf course. Once inside the trees I found an interesting looking moth perched on a leaf.

Clymene Moth

The trail was fairly flat for most of the hike and luckily wasn’t too strenuous since it felt like walking though water. Towards the south end of the trail a beautiful red barn could be seen.

Up to the Barn

As I neared the end of the hike I had the luck of running into a white-tailed deer and this time the camera was at the ready and the golf course beyond the trees deterred the deer from running too far.


The deer and I played a little hide and seek before it finally gave up and headed further down the trail before disappearing entirely. I followed along but had no luck relocating the deer. I suspect it ran across the course to the trees close by. Walking out of the forest and onto the roadway I stopped to get some shots of the clovers that grow alongside it before heading home for the evening.


Kinsmen Community Park

I started today’s journey from Kinsmen Community Park. The one thing I have noticed about walking the Niagara section is the amount of critters I have come across and today was no exception. My first encounter was with a grasshopper who posed patiently for me.

Carolina Grasshopper

Eventually he hopped away and I continued my hike along the trail, only to find another little creature hidden among the flowers. I found him while trying to get a photo of a dragonfly.

Common Red Soldier Beetle

I have seen these beetles pretty much everywhere including my own backyard. Most of my hike afterwards was uneventful, hiking past vineyards and through the forest. That is until I was making my way back. I was lucky enough to see a white-tailed deer and a small mole but unfortunately I was not able to get a quick snap before they vanished but I was able to get some shots of a bluet.

Familiar Bluet

This little guy kept flitting from plant to plant until finally I was able to get a shot of him.

Happy Canada Day!

I always say that I’m going to go somewhere to shoot fireworks on Canada Day and for some reason or another I never actually make it. This year I vowed to try again. My friend and I had plans to hit the Oh Canada Ribfest in Waterdown so we headed down there to get us good cooking and music. WE ended up staying for a few hours but soon we were on our way back to my place to hang out and watch the neighbourhood fireworks. I missed a few of the best ones but I did finally ¬†grab my camera to get a few shots. My test shot of the area turned out to be one of my favourite ones.

Shooting Stars

Most of the fireworks after I set up my camera were typical of what you see above although taken at a shorter shutter speed. I did manage to catch the end of this one that reminded me of hairy spider legs.

Hairy Glowy Spider

I gave up shortly after as the fireworks were few and far between.

We is Hunting Birds

This morning Lisa and I went back out onto the Etobicoke trail in search to birds to shoot. This time I was armed with my 500mm lens. I had high hopes that we would see a couple of birds but luck was not on my side this morning. Lisa pointed out a Heron nesting high up in a tree with no real clear shot at her so we moved on. Then it was on to find some Cedar Waxwings and American Goldfinches. I resorted to using my iBird app to see if a Goldfinch would show itself if I played the call. And it did!!

American Goldfinch

This was pretty much the only bird that wanted to play this morning. We traveled a little further down the path and saw some small muskrats but they were too quick to get a clear shot. After that it was time to head home so we packed up and hiked back to her place.