A Backyard Rendezvous

I’m back in the garden again today and the flowers are blooming. It’s the best time of year – all the colours of the rainbow are starting to appear in the garden.

Tiger Lily closeup

First up is the Tiger Lily. We have a small patch of these lovely ladies on the side of the house. When they show their colours I have to get my camera out to try to get that elusive great shot of them. 

Clematis closeup

Then there is the lovely delicate purple clematis vines. Flowers cover the whole wine as it twines around the lattice fence. The luxurious looking flowers, almost velvety to the touch grace us with their presence in the patio garden.

That’s all I have for today but expect to see more soon.

Etobicoke Creek Bike Ride Cut Short

My friend Nigel and I decided to head out for a bike ride on the Etobicoke Creek trail. The trail takes us along the edge of Pearson airport, although you wouldn’t know it for most of the ride. The trail takes you through some beautiful meadow and forest with the occasional glimpse of the road and airport beyond it. As we rode along I noticed that my brakes weren’t working the best and when we hit a larger hill I realized that the brakes were going to be an issue and the ride needed to end before I broke my neck…lol

Etobicoke Creek forest floor

I did make it safely to the bottom of the hill, with both front and back brakes engaged, and found this gorgeous scene to my right. It was worth the slightly stressful ride down the hill. After this we decided not to continue the ride down the path so I didn’t get any more photos from the trail. We checkout out some side trials we missed but it wasn’t too long before we were back at the car and heading home for the day. A bike ride cut too short but better to be safe. Once the brakes are fixed we will attempt the trail again.

You can find more about this portion of the trail by clicking here. (This trail is broken up into a few sections on this site to make it easier for us non-long-distance bikers.)

Yellow Bloom

Even though my bike ride was cut short I still got out for another walk later in the day in my neighbourhood and captured this lovely image above.

Just Another Macro Walk

Another neighbourhood walk was on the agenda today and there was so much to photograph. Spring is one of the best times to focus on macro photography. Slap on the macro lens and head out the door to a local park or if you are lucky some neighbours may just have some great flowers for you to photograph.



This lilac bush is on a neighbours front lawn growing through the catwalk fence. This is perfect, as I can spend a lot more time getting shots without looking like some stalker. LOL



For some reason, tulips have started popping up in the creek over the last few years. I love finding out what colours I can find as I walk down the path.

Wild Leek

Wild Leek

When I first came across this interesting flower I had no idea what it was. It looked like an onion but it was very large in comparison to what I’m used to seeing. I used the seek app and was informed that it was a wild leek. I have no idea if that’s what it is but I would say there is a good chance.

A Visit to Cold Creek

It was a nice warm day for a hike at Cold Creek Conservation Area in Nobleton.  I visited this park with my friend @nigelbanks57 today and as the day progressed it got pretty hot out.



This could be why we spotted so many painted turtles sunning themselves on floating logs in the pond. This is the best one I was able to get. I definitely had the wrong lens with me to get shots of them. 

Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers

But, I did have the right one for this great macro shot of the Marsh Marigolds.

Check out their trail map here.

The Purples of Spring

Taking a slightly different route on my walk along the neighbourhood creek, I found tiny little purple flowers. They were starting to emerge from their buds, one at a time.


The neighbourhood creek is not the only place to find spring flowers. In my backyard, Rockcress is in full bloom.


My indoor plants are not getting outshined. My mon’s Christmas cactus is blooming for Easter.

Cactus Flower

It always stands out to me that so many spring plants are some shade of purple or pink.