The Bees are Buzzin’

The apple blossoms are blooming and the bees are busy pollinating. It’s a great time of year!

A Bee

The ground ivy is everywhere and I can’t complain as I walk through a sea of purple on my daily constitutional.

Ground Ivy

After spending a huge position of last year walking around with my macro lens and shooting the neighbourhood green spaces, I can tell you that it never gets boring. I have been having a blast this year with my macro. It’s one lens that will definitely stay in my bag for those special moments that can happen spontaneously.

Footprints in the Snow

We had a little snow overnight. Nothing as significant as we received last Sunday, but enough to be interesting enough to go out for a walk in the late afternoon to get some photos.

Footprints in the Snow

I liked these footprints on the creek path. The way the light was shining across the path caught my eye. I got down really low to get a better view of the light and shadow around the footprints. It gives you a unique perspective on your subject when you change your angle or position.

Frozen Reeds

It was cold enough today to freeze the small puddles by the schoolyard (which are deeper than you would think). The soft light was hitting the ice in a way that made it glow.

Taking the catwalk home I noticed these berries that seem to have got stuck on the fence. I decided it looked interesting enough to take a photo. 

And Back to Fall

The snow came, and the snow went. And here we are back to fall. So, I’m back to another neighbourhood walk and a lot more brown and yellow.


I’m not sure what this plant is but I loved the shape. It looks almost like a cupped hand reaching to receive something.

Orange Jelly

I found this orange jelly mushroom on a random log. I guess the previous weekend’s snow didn’t bother it.

Multiflora Rose

Along the fence behind the old grade school, I found a whole bunch of these tiny berries. The Multiflora Rose, or Seven-sisters rose, is a small white flowering shrub. It’s berries, once they dry out and expose their seeds, are eaten by the local birds and wildlife. It’s a little hard to believe that there is still so much colour and life to be found even once the snow hits.

An Artsy Kind of Trail

My friend Nigel and I headed up to explore the grounds at McMichael Gallery up in Kleinburg. I had never been to the grounds before and was looking forward to walking their trails.


One of the trails, located not too far away from the parking, is the Sculpture Garden. There are nine bronze sculptures along this short trail, donated by artist Ivan Eyre.

The Trail

After our short walk among the sculptures, we took the valley walking trail on the other side of the parking for a nice walk along the Humber Valley.

The Reflected Pane

The trail took us to the main entrance of the Gallery and then on to Tom Thomson’s shack. Tom Thomson was a Canadian painter and was an early inspiration for what became the Group of Seven.

A Visitor

Before heading back to the car, we took a break at a bench to enjoy a little bit of the day. As we chatted, a little bug decided to visit us. He hung out for quite a while, so we were able to snap a lot of photos of his journey from one side of the bench to the other. I like this photo of him with his large dark shadow following along.

A Quick Trip to Claireville

I met Nigel at Claireville for another walk around the trails today. I had a hard time being inspired by what we saw along the path. Although I took a bunch of photos, a lot of them ended up in the trash.


I liked this area of goldenrod flowers that had gone to seed. They look so soft and fluffy.

Claireville Footbridge

We liked the look of the footbridge crossing over the river in the late day’s light. The challenge was to find a spot to get a clear photo without any trees poking into our shots. We found that spot once we crossed the river and moved upstream. I focused more on the river, leaving the bridge as some interest in the background. This image was the best of the day.