A Trial in Fuji

My friend, Nigel (@nigelbanks57) suggested a walk at Colonel Sam Smith park with one little change. We were both going to use his Fuji cameras rather than me using my Nikon. So off we went with our Fujis in hand to find something to shoot on this sunny day in the park. Heading to a small hidden beach we decided to take a short lunch break.



There were a lot of birds busy doing their day-to-day things but this grackle decided it might be worthwhile to come in for a closer look. Or possibly looking for some crumbs from our sandwiches.

Red-Winged Black Bird

Red-Winged Black Bird

Not to be outdone the red-winged blackbird came by for a visit as well.

Mama and Ducklings

Mama and Ducklings

Moving on from the beach we headed down to a a small pond where we spotted this mom with ducklings.

Green Heron

Green Heron

On the other side of the pond we spotted a Green Heron. What a find!

It’s always challenging to switch cameras but I didn’t do too badly. ?

A Visit to Cold Creek

It was a nice warm day for a hike at Cold Creek Conservation Area in Nobleton.  I visited this park with my friend @nigelbanks57 today and as the day progressed it got pretty hot out.



This could be why we spotted so many painted turtles sunning themselves on floating logs in the pond. This is the best one I was able to get. I definitely had the wrong lens with me to get shots of them. 

Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers

But, I did have the right one for this great macro shot of the Marsh Marigolds.

Check out their trail map here.

When Spring Gets Prettier

I discovered a new trail out in Caledon called the Alton Grange Trail. The trail is a short 4-kilometer loop that’s definitely on the easy side to hike. It’s a beautiful trail and one of my new favourites.

Alton Grange Trail

At the beginning of the trail, I was feeling all the forest vibes. Even the light was looking good, and it was only going to get better.

Tree in Ice

The trail crosses the Credit River, and I noticed this mossy tree lying in the water. I wanted to accentuate the length of the tree, so I shot from a lower position. The tree acted as a leading line to the trees in the background.

Forest Trail

My favourite image of the day was this forest trail. The light was so perfect, and I would not have noticed this image if I hadn’t turned to look back. I have to remind myself when I’m out on my hikes to remember to turn around. Today, I’m glad I did just that.

Not Just For The Ducks

I’m back at the Humber River Recreational Trail today and I’m hoping to find something a little more interesting than I did last week.


I was greeted again by the mallard as I came onto the trail. Maybe I should give him a name so I can greet him next time?

Canada Goose

Canada Goose was not to be outdone, so he ambled up to say “hi” as well.

Cooper’s Hawk

I had a surprise visitor when I headed up the trail on the Humber campus grounds. This gorgeous Cooper’s Hawk was a little too far away for a great photo but I was more than happy to get some shots before he flew away.

Just a Couple of Ducks

I went out for a walk along the Humber River Recreational Trail today. As I started on the trail I was greeted by this beautiful mallard.


This is the extent of the colour I found along the trail other than brown. Loads and loads of brown. As far as the eye can see. That is the problem with the in-between seasons. Just a sea of brown. Did I mention everything was brown? LOL


As I finished up my walk, the mallard and his lady came out to bid me farewell. (She blends in with that sea of brown. Hahaha)

Moody Skies in the Forks

I went out on a hike with my friend Linda and her dog, Summer. We decided on hiking at Forks of the Credit Conservation Area. When I drove in, I noticed some very strange-looking clouds. 

Cloudy Kettle Lake

They started fading as we hiked, so I stopped at Kettle Lake to get some shots.

Undulatus asperatus clouds

Other than the weird cloud formations, I spent my time focusing on my hike as this wasn’t a photo outing.