CAPA Judging Course

Spending the day sitting on a hard chair listening to people talk at you can be a tedious way to spend 8 hours of your Saturday. Luckily I had the chance to do just that. CAPA and the Mississauga Camera Club were nice enough to host and present on how to judge photographs for competition. When attending past seminars put on by other groups I find they are able to pace their courses and present all the material that is contained in the books they’ve supplied. Unfortunately once I received the seminar book for the CAPA course we were promptly told that we would only get through half the book during the session and we were to read the rest on our own time. I was very disappointed. As the day progressed I felt that it was rushed and most of the time was spent on making sure everyone in attendance had a chance to judge a photograph from different categories. This course should really be a two-day course in order to get the chance to learn all the techniques for judging to their standards and get a chance to critique a photograph or two. There is room for improvement in the presentation portion. The book that was supplied is very well done it’s just a shame that it was not used to its full possibility. I did learn enough to understand how to score.

Room for improvement – Score is 7 😉

Where did February Go?

Here we are with the first week of March almost behind us and I’ve just realized that I’ve had no posts up since January!
I’ve finally gotten back into the swing of things and the new website is up and running with a few tweaks required. Check it out here:
Last weekend I finally got out to do a very quick shoot, but mostly I was on the hunt to find a previous shoot location. Sadly, as of yet I have not found the infamous ruins that evades my re-discovery. So, in anticipation of “losing” further spots to my fading memory I have procured a GPS unit for my Nikon. I am happy to say it is working perfectly. Yet still I am on the hunt for the site of the ruins. One day I shall prevail. (Honestly I’m starting to run out of road options so I figure I’ll find it soon.)
On another note I will begin posting photos again starting this weekend. (My spring resolution is to post every weekend) The weekend is looking to be a balmy 10 degrees with a shining sun and little cloud. Makes it hard to get computer work done but I will force myself to post. First I need to concentrate on a presentation for tonight’s Brampton Photo Group. I will be presenting Night Photography. I finally finished my deck for it last night and am doing the final tweaks shortly. Once the presentation is done I will be free and clear (at least for a short while) to shoot to my heart’s content.
Til the weekend!

CBC Nature in Focus Contest

I’ve decided to put in a huge effort this year to put more pictures in competitions. So, to keep my promise to myself I have submitted photos for the Nature in Focus photo competition at CBC. TO Vote or comment on my photos go to:

Wish me luck!!

Happy 2010!

Now that 2010 has arrived and a couple of weeks have gone by I’ve been trying to decide what to do with my extra curricular time. After being flat on my back for 3 months it’s given me a lot of time to think and I’ve come up with way too many options. I’ve narrowed things done to the following:

Launch new re-vamped website
Link my blog to my website
Write up a business plan for Susan David Photography
Come up with new weekly challenges for my photography

So far the site is in the process of being re-vamped (almost got a tick on #1) but the plan and weekly challenges are a slow process.
I’m still unable to get out and shoot so now I have to think of indoor things to shoot. A hard thing for me to do with all that nature taunting me from my window.
The plan however seems to be where I procrastinate the most. I mean, come on, it’s halfway done but I can’t get myself to pick it up and write it all out, how hard could it be to finish it? Well…probably wouldn’t take much effort but I just can’t make myself do it. I’ve put a deadline on it and hopefully by Sunday all will be completed. Fingers crossed.
This week I plan to take out my camera and try to challenge myself in finding creative ways to shoot appliances. Here’s hoping I can find something interesting.