A Walk Along the Humber River

In the summer, when I get out on my bike, I usually head for the Humber Recreational Trail. I’ve biked many hours here, and today I decided to head over to one of the sections to get my butt out of my regular neighbourhood. 


I headed to a section of the trail where there is a large pond. In the summer, you can usually find great blue herons and white egrets here, but with the cold weather, these birds head south. I did not find any other birds here, which in a way was lucky since I had only brought my macro lens with me. From one of the viewpoints on the pond, I saw a person by the water’s edge under a beautiful tree. I can’t say I was disappointed with this nice surprise as I quickly snapped a few photos.

The Trail

For the middle of winter, there is a lot of brown around us. We haven’t had snow since Christmas Day. This image above was quite bland when I started editing it. I wanted to give it a little spice, so I added some fog to the background and darkened up the foreground, giving it a little more atmosphere.


As I crossed over the river on my way back to my car, a couple of ducks picked that same moment to came in for a landing. I was able to get a few shots as they came toward me. Only one photo was sharp, but that was all I needed. A very different walk than usual, but it was worth the short drive to see something different from my own backyard.

The Old Apple Tree

Just another day in the neighbourhood, walking around, taking some photos. But before I get to that, I did get out for a walk in Claireville with my friend Nigel. And I only have one photo to show for it.

Under the Old Tree

Under the Old Tree

Yup, this is it. No other photo I took here looked good to me. I heavily edited this one – added a new sky (the old one was so blah) and I gave it a nice autumn glow. 

Because I was so underwhelmed by the Claireville photos, I went for that neighbourhood walk I mentioned. I was much more successful on this walk.

Pink Leaf

Pink Leaf

I mean, come on, look at this pretty pink leaf. I have no idea what kind of plant it is, but I can tell you it was low to the ground and the nearby tree didn’t have the same leaves. Another one to add to the books to figure out. Oh, and you’ll notice the focus is not sharp on the entire leaf. That’s because I was using my old manual 55mm lens. It has a very small area of focus. It frustrates me a lot. Now and again I still try to use it. One day I will conquer it. I may have to come back again and shoot it with my 105mm lens to compare the difference.


Further down the path, I found an apple tree with its yellow fruit just hanging around. These particular apples caught my attention because of how the light was shining on them. I was much happier with the photos from my neighbourhood walk today. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery. And surprisingly for me, that was going back to my neighbourhood walk.