Winter’s Mid-day Light

I had several errands to run today, and one of them took me up to the town of Mono. I decided to go for a short hike at Splitrock Loop Trail since it was just up the road from one of my stops. If you’ve read my other post, How Things Can Change in 4 Days, you know all about my fascination with the birch trees on this trail.


I love this grove of trees, but I can’t seem to get the photo I picture in my head. One day I will find the shot, until then, expect to see more attempts.

Grandmother Tree in Winter

And then, there is the grandmother tree. She’s even beautiful in winter. It’s fun to be able to revisit the same places in different seasons. 

Whites of Winter

On the way home, I spotted this barn that stood out with this amazing blue sky behind it. The white barn would have blended in with the snow on a more typical overcast winter day. Today, however, it screamed at me to take its photo. And with that cloud, how could I not take the photo?


A little further down I spotted this barn. Both barn photos were taken at the same time, and the skies are very different. The only thing I changed was the direction I took the photo. By turning 180ยบ the bright blue sky has disappeared, and instead, I got this golden cloudy sky.

Amazing how just turning around can give you a completely different look and feel in your photos. Don’t forget to turn around to look behind you next time you’re out photographing.

How Things Can Change in 4 Days

In the autumn months, it always amazes me how quickly things can change. Only 4 days ago, Nigel and I were here hiking the Splitrock Loop trail. You can read more on The Grandmother Tree here.

Orange Valley

Orange Valley

Since our last hike, the colours have deepened towards orange, and in some cases brown. This means that autumn is on its way out, to be replaced with a sea of brown until the first snowfall comes. Until then I’m going to squeeze in every possible bit of autumn I can until it is no more.

Paper Birch

Paper Birch

It was a gorgeous day to be out hiking. These beautiful paper birches were glowing in their small patch of sunlight. I think I spent way too much time here but I couldn’t get enough of how pretty they looked.

Grandmother Tree

Grandmother Tree

You can see that the grandmother tree still welcomes us to continue along the trail but has lost some of her leaves. It won’t be long now until she sheds them all and waits through the long winter to get her green leaves again.

Messing Around with Comps

When out for my walk today I happened to capture a shot of a seagull flying overhead. It was the most boring photo I could have taken. I’m not sure why I even bothered pointing my camera straight up at the gull on a cloudless sky. 

Seagull Before

But then I decided to take the photo into my editing program and replace the boring blue sky with something a lot more dramatic. I used the editing program’s sky replacement tool which allowed me to insert another sky shot over the blue in the original photo. After lightening and warming up the seagull to match its new environment I created the photo below. 

Seagull Comp

Seagull Comp

What do you think? Much better right?