The View From Over Here

Nigel and I headed out to Colonel Sam Smith Park today. It was chilly out by the lake, but we hoped we could get a few good photos while we were here.

Yellow Bush on Rocks

I spotted this yellow bush all by itself on the shoreline.  A pretty little pop of colour against the blue ake.

The View From Here

These two ladies were enjoying the view of the city skyline in the distance. Nothing much else was happening at the park. It was that kind of day.

Early Mornings and Late Nights

We decided to stay in Lion’s Head rather than in Tobermory this year, just for a change in pace. The decision ended up being a good one since our B&B was so close to a harbour with a picturesque view of sailboats in view of the morning sunrise. We knew we had to get up early to take advantage of this.

Sunrise at Lion's Head

Sunrise at Lion’s Head

The sunrise did not disappoint and neither did the view.

After the sun rose over the marina we headed back to our B&B and dug in to a well deserved breakfast. With our bellies full we were ready to conquer a hike on the Bruce Trail.

Driftwood on the rocky shoreline.

Driftwood on the rocky shoreline.

It turned out to be a great day with clear sunny skies and a bit of breeze as we hiked along with shoreline of Georgian Bay. I made sure to get really low on the shot above to make the driftwood seem much larger than it really was. Changing your point of view can dramatically change your photo results. Give it a try next time you’re out.

Lakeside Daisy

Lakeside Daisy

As we were driving back to the B&B we noticed an area filled with Lakeside daisies, so you know we had to stop and get some photos. Again I decided to get very low for this shot. The daisies are very short at only a couple inches so shooting down on them would not have given me the photo I was looking for.

Back at the B&B we got in a short nap before dinner and then it was time to prepare for a late night shoot. My main goal for this trip was to focus on improving my skills in astrophotography. One of the things I wanted to try was a panoramic to capture the full Milky Way across Little Cove.

Milky Way at Dave's Bay

Milky Way at Dave’s Bay

It looks to me as though I may have captured some northern lights. It was a beautiful Way to end a great day on the shores of Georgian Bay.

Superior Waves

This was our last day in Wawa. Actually more like half day. There had been no luck so far in finding these massive waves that apparently happen on the north shore but we are still hopeful. The wind had picked up overnight so we are hoping to get great shots today.

Old Woman's Bay

Old Woman’s Bay

We went back to Old Woman’s Bay for one final look and although the waves were much larger than the day before it wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for and temperatures in the were very chilly.

Our final stop in the park was at Katherine’s Cove. We were happy to see a lot more waves breaking along the rocky shoreline and I am happy to report that I have way too many photos of these waves.

Katherine's Cove

Waves at Katherine’s Cove

Katherine’s Cove doesn’t just have a rocky shoreline, it also has a lovely sandy beach from where I can sit and take many more photos of waves breaking on the shoreline.

Sand Beach at Katherine's Cove

Sand Beach at Katherine’s Cove

We spent quite a lot of time at Katherine’s Cove but eventually it was time to get warm and start heading in the direction of home. As we drove along the coast towards McKerrow, our home for the evening, we found a couple spots were the waves were exactly as we imagined.

Cold Cabin

Cold Cabin

We couldn’t stay here very long as we needed to get to our motel and get a good hot meal before heading the rest of the way home tomorrow but this cabin photo is one of my favourites of the weekend.


I was back on the Bruce Trail today, doing my usual thing…you know…hiking and taking photos, when I came across one of those signs. Not the regular signs that say Hiking Only or the Bruce Trail that way sign but the one that tells you exactly how far you’ve walked. 

221 km to go

221 km to go

Wow! I have walked 664 kilometres. Well actually, I’ve almost walked double that much because there is this little thing about hiking the trail with only one car available to you…you have to walk back down the trail to pick up said car. So let’s just say I’ve walked somewhere around 900km of the trail (there are some areas where the trail loops and I can pick up a side trail so I don’t have to walk all the way back the way I came – kinda handy). That is essentially the length of the trail and yet I’m still 221 kilometres away from the end.

When I came across this sign I must admit I was pretty pumped…this sign was telling me that I had 25% more of the trail to hike. Now that said I have walked a few kilometres here and there along the north end so that 221 km is more in the neighbourhood of 190 km or so. Now that makes me pretty stoked to get more of the trail done. I am sooooooo close. 

On another note – check out this awesome blue shed. 



I swear I pass this shed every time I drive north on highway 10 and every time I say to myself, “Sue, you need to stop and get a photo of that shed”.  And what do I do? I drive right past because I am either heading to the trail and am eager to get there or I’ve just hiked the trail and I’m too lazy to stop the car and get the photo. But not today!! Today I made myself get my ass out of the car and take some photos. I’m glad I did ’cause I love this photo. What do you think?