Church Tour of Lake Simcoe

My friend Nigel had this great idea for a road trip – drive around Lake Simcoe and photograph the unqiue churches that were built there. I figured I had some time so why not. It wasn’t at all like I expected. Architecture photography is a little harder for me as I don’t always know how to treat them photographically. I do like to challenge myself to go outside my comfort zone so I went along for the ride. 

Our first stop was at one of the more unique churches on the trip – Sharon Temple. 

Sharon Temple

Sharon Temple was constructed between 1825 and 1832 by Quaker David WIlson. There are other restored buildings on the property which include David Willson’s Study, a unique little building.

As we drove along the shoreline of the lake we stopped to get some photographs of a boat house and some docks. After I few shots I decided to try some infrared photographs. Below is the infrared version.

Boat shed and docks in infrared

Continuing on we stopped at St. George’s church, it was a more traditional looking church but what really struck me here was the beautiful grounds and the view of the lake.

St. George’s Church

One of our final stops was at St. Andrews church. Its towering structure is located up a short staircase allowing it to loom over you as you pass by.

St. Andrews Church

These were just a selection of the churches we stopped to photograph. I believe the final count was six in total and it took the full day to make our way around the lake. A great road trip if you are a fan of church architecture. My only suggestion is doing this road trip in more comfortable weather as the wind off the lake is bitterly cold in winter.

From Bala to Coldwater

After a wonderful day yesterday shooting a wedding in Huntsville it was time to head home from our weekend away. Of course that meant I could do some landscape photography on the way. Leaving the town of Bala where I stayed for the evening, I drove past a small lake with a small boat house and had to turn the car around to get a few shots. The reflection in the pond and the towering trees really caught my eye.

The Boat Shed

The Boat Shed

Back in the day my family had a cottage near the town of Coldwater and I thought it would be a great idea to stop in and see the town again. The town has an old flour mill that has been converted into a bistro. I’ve heard many a good thing about it and I hope to taste some of their offerings one day soon.

The Boat Shed

The Boat Shed

After spending some time in the town I decided to visit an old neighbour of ours. Unfortunately, they were not home so I decided to head home. The cottages in this area a close to a protected marsh land and I thought I would quickly stop there. The entrance to the marsh had an unexpected guard – an osprey with her offspring (which unfortunately I couldn’t get a photograph of).

Osprey with Nest

Osprey with Nest

I didn’t want to get too close or stress her out too much so I only stayed long enough to get a couple photographs. It was an unexpected surprise and great end to the day to find this beautiful bird with her offspring.