Killing Time at Professors Lake

I dropped my dad off for his appointment, and since I had time to kill until I was to pick him up, I decided to wander the path around Professor’s Lake. I have never taken the trail here, even though I used to run a photo group from their facility. Go figure.

Professors Lake

I tried my best at finding shots that didn’t include all the homes that seem to be everywhere along this lake. I was able to take two shots that were only of the natural environment.

Autumn at the Lake

It was a lovely walk along the trail but a little too urban for my tastes. 

Incoming Storm

I love creating my photos both at the computer and out in the big bad world but when I have the opportunity to get away from my desk I will jump at it. After spending a large part of my day in front of the computer I needed a little breather. A storm was coming in so I had to act fast and get myself to Claireville. 



As I parked and walked up the trail the storm started making its way in from the east. You can see it on the left. Unfortunately things got dark too fast and I had to get myself back to the car to escape the rain but not before I got the photo above. 


Nigel and I decided to have some fun this evening at Brampton’s four corners with some infrared cameras. Now, you have to understand that Nigel at all times has at least two IR cameras in his possession along with his regular Canon cameras. So being able to get out to try this is good¬†for me as I get some experimentation in.

City Hall IR

City Hall IR

Above is the only image I really liked from the evening. Light trails were an interesting experiment but the lens I was using wasn’t great so I won’t show those here.¬†Although not a successful night for images. We did have a blast trying out new things.