The Little Things

It’s been over a week since I’ve felt motivated to go outside, but yesterday I forced myself to get out and do another neighbourhood walk. The snow has melted, and it rained a couple of days ago, so I expected things to be a bit on the soggy side, so I didn’t spend much time walking the creek trail. This time I walked down one of the catwalks and then veered left to head into the schoolyard.


The catwalk had some interesting things to photograph, like these buckthorn berries, that have dried up over the last couple of months.


And this shrivelled orange berry, which was sticking out from the fence. I liked how it seems to be reaching out to you.

Ice Dog

Before heading into the schoolyard, I noticed there were ice patches along the trail. One ice patch had a familiar shape to it. Do you see it?

Plethora of Funghi

While I was out for my walk, I decided to buy myself a chocolate bar at the local variety store. On the way there, I passed a house that had an old log fence. The fence had a lot of Funghi growing on it in intricate patterns. I may have to revisit this old log fence. There are so many little worlds to photograph here.

And Back to Fall

The snow came, and the snow went. And here we are back to fall. So, I’m back to another neighbourhood walk and a lot more brown and yellow.


I’m not sure what this plant is but I loved the shape. It looks almost like a cupped hand reaching to receive something.

Orange Jelly

I found this orange jelly mushroom on a random log. I guess the previous weekend’s snow didn’t bother it.

Multiflora Rose

Along the fence behind the old grade school, I found a whole bunch of these tiny berries. The Multiflora Rose, or Seven-sisters rose, is a small white flowering shrub. It’s berries, once they dry out and expose their seeds, are eaten by the local birds and wildlife. It’s a little hard to believe that there is still so much colour and life to be found even once the snow hits.

Blooming Helicopters

I’ve done a little more research and I’ve realized that those red maple buds, with those red petal-like things, are actually the seeds. Or what I like to call “the helicopters”. 

Red Maple Seeds

Red Maple Seeds

You can see in the photograph above that the leaves are there but they are not where/what I thought they were. There’s so much to learn about nature.



Further down the creek path, I spotted these dried up berries. I don’t know what plant they belong to but it’s neat to see their translucent skin and the seeds inside them. I wonder what they look like when they are plump and in their prime.

Grape Hyacinthe

Grape Hyacinth

At home, the grape hyacinths are starting to grow. They are still small and so very cute. These are some of my favourite flowers. I wish they stuck around longer but they are only around for a short time.

Another Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

At the beginning of my walk today I noticed a couple of birds flying in and out of this very tall birdhouse. The macro lens is not the tool for this job but I thought it was an interesting viewpoint from way down below. With a little cropping and adding some clouds to the cloudless sky, I created the photo below.

Bird House

Bird House

From here I focused on finding macro shots, that is what my challenge to myself is after all. I have been taking lots of macro photos but they haven’t been that great so that’s why you are seeing such a mix of shots photographed with the105mm macro lens.

Seed pods

Seed pods

I keep coming across interesting seed pods and I wonder what the heck they look like in full bloom. The seeds in the photo above reminded me of these creatures from an original Star Trek episode (Operation–Annihilate). I wonder what kind of plant it is and what it looks like in summer. Hopefully, I’ll be able to recognize it to take a photo.

Leaf in BW

Leaf in BW

I found this dried leaf that has somehow wrapped itself around its stem and still kept curling in on itself. It really popped when I decided to change it to a black and white image. Sometimes taking the colour out of an image can make an image you thought was too busy or just not that great into something that you love.

Empty Picnic Tables

I’m at my “go to” place today. Good old Claireville. Close enough to visit when I’m feeling lazy on the travelling bit. Today the wind was a little on the crazy side.



I huddled under this tree for awhile (mostly to take a photo) but also to help cut the wind a little.

The Lonely Picnic Table

The Lonely Picnic Table

I loved the composition of this one. It tells me a story of the lonely picnic table waiting for someone to come and sit on it under the shade of the tree. Or possibly the branch is a smile and the tree is an eye and the picnic table is a winking eye. lol