Not Just For The Ducks

I’m back at the Humber River Recreational Trail today and I’m hoping to find something a little more interesting than I did last week.


I was greeted again by the mallard as I came onto the trail. Maybe I should give him a name so I can greet him next time?

Canada Goose

Canada Goose was not to be outdone, so he ambled up to say “hi” as well.

Cooper’s Hawk

I had a surprise visitor when I headed up the trail on the Humber campus grounds. This gorgeous Cooper’s Hawk was a little too far away for a great photo but I was more than happy to get some shots before he flew away.

It’s Mine

I was on my way to the local bakery, (I walked over so I could take a camera along) when I spotted a gaggle of geese.

My puddle

These two geese were having a little spat. One was drinking the little bit of water in the shallow hole while the other tried to get in on the action. Let’s just say Goose 2 didn’t have any success.