Humber Trail in a Different Light

Yup, I got some more infrared photos for you. Yeah, I know I’m a little obsessed with it but what can I say? I’m trying to figure this whole thing out and so the camera must come with me on all my adventures. At least for now. Today it came along on a bike ride along the Humber River trail.

Humber Trail

Humber Trail

Along one of the first bridges I spotted a heron. I spent over 30 minutes trying to capture this bird in the perfect spot and in focus. I think I managed that one okay :). I was really wishing for my regular camera with a long lens but the purpose of my ride today was to focus on infrared photos. 

Stroll Acrross the River

Stroll Acrross the River

Instead of the regular black and white look on the following shot I wanted to leave it with a magenta/pink look. What do you think?

The Bench

The Bench

I’m still unsure of what I feel about the colour but I love the spot.

Sampling of Toronto Graffiti

I promised some more examples of the graffiti I came across while doing my photo walk in Toronto so here they are:

The Man of the House

I caught this one out of the corner of my eye and had to step into the alley to get the shot.

J. Dilla

This was right at a corner of an alley on Spadina Ave. You could see the CN Tower to the left but I had to crop it out as it was a little wonky looking and when I straightened the photograph it got slightly cropped. Next time I’ll try to get it in.

Window to my Soul

This one was just off of McCaul Street on the same building as the one in the last post.

I’m anxious to find some time and head back to Toronto to get more shots of the graffiti.