Back Country Winter Drive

It’s almost the end of the year and with Christmas behind me it was time to get out of the house. A back country drive was in order. The weather was nice with a cloudy sky and no snow in sight, that is until I found these cattails.¬†

 Cattails in softly falling snow

With the cloud cover we had some beautiful light to photograph. A local farm had a couple of their horses in the field and we stopped to get some photos with this soft light.

Horses in late day light

Not to mention the light on the fences in the snowy fields.

Before heading home we stopped in Claireville Conservation Area to feed some of the locals.

The cute little chickadees love visitors, especially when they come to feed them some seed. 

Backroads Ontario

Nigel and I hit the backroads near Highway 89 as a light snow started to fall. This time our adventures seem to have found us some highland ox. Two to be exact. Although one decided not to to look our way at all and so is not pictured here.

Highland Ox

Highland Ox 

The other ox, however, watched us for awhile but then gave up and went to scratching itself on a tree stump. Guess we were not that interesting. (And are his horns supposed to do that?)

Scratching that Itch

Scratching that Itch

We soon moved on from the ox when he refused to even look our way again and continued on our backroad adventure. We came upon these trees, well actually I think Nigel knew about these trees and took me past them, and they were an interesting group.



They looked like skinny ents trduging their way across the field towards Saruman’s fortress. Bet that’s all you can see now that I said that, right? lol 

Hmm…I feel the need to throw my Lord of the Rings dvds in the player now and watch me some ents.