Campfire Fun

The best part of camping trips is the gatherings around the campfires. With the entire gang here today we pulled out all the stops. The park finally had a fire ban in effect which still allowed us a campfire but only through the hours of 7pm-10pm.


We made the most of it and Rob had some extra fun up his sleeve for the girls. As the sun set and the fire was really glowing he pulled out some glow sticks. All the girls had fun waving them in front of my camera to create different effects. We all had a blast watching what the girls would come up with next. Here is some samples of what silliness transpired that evening.


Glow Swirls

Laser show

Unfortunately the fun was over to soon and the fire had to go out which usually means lights out for all of us. We did have the wonderful music of barred owls singing to us for most of the night which kept a lot of us up but then when do you ever get to experience something like that?