Actual Snow?

Today I ventured back to Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve to try to hike as much as I could and hopefully see some snow. We did have snow last week but things don’t tend to stay very long in the city but they do once you head about 45 minutes north. I parked on the north side of the reserve, scrambled over the stile and stepped into a fairly decent pile of snow. As I fought my way along the shin deep, crusty ice-topped snow I wondered if I could make it through the trail if this depth continued. It didn’t take long before the snow became only a small covering making it easier to hike along.

Northern Path into Hockley

I have to say I was pretty happy seeing much more snow than the last few times but it still left much to be desired. This winter has been much too mild. The trail continues along and it seems to take you in a complete circle before climbing over another stile and officially stepping into the Nature Reserve lands. Instantly you are immersed in the forest and a quiet settles in as the wind dies down. Kinda creepy if you ask me. It’s not long before I’m out of the trees and looking at the views from the tops of the hills and again I’m heading back into a valley.

Hockley Valley

That’s one thing about Hockley Valley – they are not kidding around with their name. 😉 The snow did make things a little harder on the legs but the views made it well worth it. Hiking the Bruce Trail you see a lot of signs, mostly ones that say “No Trespassing” but this one you don’t see very often.

469km to Go

It gave me hope and also reminded me that I still had a long way to go. It is a long journey and hopefully once the weather turns warm I will be able to get a lot further at each hike. The journey has been difficult but as I get through each hike day I feel a sense of accomplishment as each kilometre I walk brings me closer to my goal. With only 25% of the trail complete so far I still have a long hike ahead of me but hopefully I will reach my goal of completing the trail by end of this year.

Snow Covered Boardwalk

And the journey continues…