When Nothing Goes Right

I was out again today with my friend Nigel in the hopes of getting some good images at 50 Point Pier, but it seems as though Mother Nature may have had some plans of her own and they didn’t include us getting good photos.

Pier Piles

When we got down to the pier all we saw was sand and dirty snow/ice buildup along the shore. The most photogenic thing I found was this lone feather in the sand.

Feather in the Sand

Yup, that’s it. That was the extent of what I was able to find, and it still wasn’t inspiring. Maybe Mother Nature will be nicer on our next trip out.

It Happened Again

The snow has come back, at least temporarily. Yesterday evening snow started to fall, and by this morning, we had a nice blanket of snow.

Creek Path

It’s slowly starting to melt as the temperatures begin to climb again. The meteorologists weren’t kidding when they said it would be a mild winter. So far, we’ve had three decent sized snowfalls, and usually, within a couple of days, the temps go up, and the snow disappears.


The fun thing about the snow melting is you get these little droplets hanging off of things like these berries.

Pine Needles

Or these pine needles.

Shoe Ice

And then there are these fun shapes that icicles can become, like this little boot-shaped icicle. Okay, I’ve never really seen icicles shaped like little boots before, but how cool is that? And it’s just hanging on with this squiggly ice shape. Now, this was a great find on my walk. If I had waited another day, it would most likely be gone.

Bad Weather is Brewing

I met my friend Nigel at Meadowvale Conservation Area for a hike around the credit river. It was an overcast day but the place looked promising when we spotted a hawk in a nearby tree. We, of course, had the wrong lenses to capture an image of the hawk. The hawk didn’t stick around long so we headed onto the trail where we saw one more hawk. I swear, they were taunting us.

Credit River

There were some good views of the credit river from different spots along the trail.

Stormy Day

This spooky tree stood out against this section of the river. I tried a few different spots along the trail to photograph it but I liked this one the best. There is another trail in the other direction from the parking lot. We may have to try it out next time we head this way to see what surprises lie there. And maybe I’ll bring my long lens, just in case.

The First Snowfall

And just like that, the world is white.

First Snowfall

We had our first significant snowfall here in the GTA, and it looks so pretty.

Snowy Trail

These photos are from my usual walk along the creek path. Things look so much different when pristine white snow decides to land on all that brown.

The Grandmother Tree

My friend Nigel suggested a hike at  Splitrock Loop trail and now that the fall colours are at their height up north, it was the perfect opportunity to check out this trail. 

Country Road

Country Road

On the way there we pulled over quite a few times to take some photos of the country roads. This one in particular caught our interest.

Splitrock Trail Loop

Splitrock Trail Loop

After navigating to the parking lot for Splitrock Loop trail, we were greeted by the scene above. Talk about an inviting entrance to a trail. The trail itself is only about 5km and is a loop which makes it a fairly easy trail to hike. There isn’t a lot of up and down on this one either.

Grandmother Tree

Grandmother Tree

My favourite part of this trail is the gorgeous tree that we passed towards the end of our hike. Like a grandmother with her arms open, inviting us further along the path. What a great trail. I highly recommend this one if you’re in the area of Mono Cliffs. I will definitely be visiting this one again soon.