When Nothing Goes Right

I was out again today with my friend Nigel in the hopes of getting some good images at 50 Point Pier, but it seems as though Mother Nature may have had some plans of her own and they didn’t include us getting good photos.

Pier Piles

When we got down to the pier all we saw was sand and dirty snow/ice buildup along the shore. The most photogenic thing I found was this lone feather in the sand.

Feather in the Sand

Yup, that’s it. That was the extent of what I was able to find, and it still wasn’t inspiring. Maybe Mother Nature will be nicer on our next trip out.

A Walk in the Park

I met my friend Nigel for a walk at Claireville Conservation Area this afternoon. Mostly we were out for a walk, but I did capture a couple of photos that I liked.

The Path

When I processed this image above, I first worked on a colour version, but there was too much brown for my liking. I decided black and white was the way to go for the photos.

White Branches

The image above was one of the last photos I took from my walk today. There was beautiful light hitting these trees, and I couldn’t resist taking a couple of shots. I punched up the “glow” on the branches to make it more dramatic.

Overall, it was a lovely day for a walk, and I’m happy to come away with a couple, not so bad, photos.

Quiet Afternoon Walk

The sun finally broke through the clouds for the first time in days, and I decided I needed to get out of the house for some fresh air. Walking a different route from the last time I was out, I headed to the schoolyard to find some inspiration.

Common Reed

In a marshy area at the bottom of the hill, there is a tall group of reeds. In the summer months, red-winged blackbirds love this area. They are a great subject to photograph when the sky is nicely lit like it was this afternoon.

Fern Leaf

Just up by the hill, I found a fuzzy green fern with some ice and water droplets on it. I focused on only one of the leaves so that the droplets were nice and sharp. When I was processing the photo I wanted to take out the colour so that focus remained only on that one leaf.

Male Cardinal

When I crossed over the road and onto my usual path by the creek, I spotted a pair of cardinals. They were playing hide and seek in the trees so getting a clear shot was tough. This is the best I could get before they flew away. Maybe next time they won’t be as shy.

The First Snowfall

And just like that, the world is white.

First Snowfall

We had our first significant snowfall here in the GTA, and it looks so pretty.

Snowy Trail

These photos are from my usual walk along the creek path. Things look so much different when pristine white snow decides to land on all that brown.

The Black and White Neighbourhood

Today on my neighbourhood walk, I decided to focus on photographing subjects that would look good in black and white. It had rained earlier today so things were wet and droplets were in abundance. Droplets on leaves always look fantastic in black and white, in my opinion.

Wet Leaves

Wet Leaves

On the sidewalk, I came across this leaf that was infested with eggs, or at least, I think they’re eggs. Regardless, it looked neat and it caught my attention and so the photo was taken.

Eggs on Leaf

Eggs on Leaf

Close to the end of my walk, I found this white-lipped snail having a munch on a dried leaf. 

White-lipped snail

White-lipped snail

Usually I just see these little guys hanging out on stems – either snoozing or slowing making their way somewhere. This one, however, I could actually see eating, If you look hard at the photo can you “see” him eating?