Blooming Helicopters

I’ve done a little more research and I’ve realized that those red maple buds, with those red petal-like things, are actually the seeds. Or what I like to call “the helicopters”. 

Red Maple Seeds

Red Maple Seeds

You can see in the photograph above that the leaves are there but they are not where/what I thought they were. There’s so much to learn about nature.



Further down the creek path, I spotted these dried up berries. I don’t know what plant they belong to but it’s neat to see their translucent skin and the seeds inside them. I wonder what they look like when they are plump and in their prime.

Grape Hyacinthe

Grape Hyacinth

At home, the grape hyacinths are starting to grow. They are still small and so very cute. These are some of my favourite flowers. I wish they stuck around longer but they are only around for a short time.

Nature’s Magnifying Glass

It’s chilly out today and as I’m out exploring a different section of the creek path it starts snowing. Yup – that’s right – snow!

Dried Thistle with Snow-Edit

Dried Thistle with Snow

Do you see those little white balls of snow on the dried thistle? Come on Mother Nature, can we not just have a nice warm spring? She obviously has other ideas. Luckily the snow didn’t last for too long. 

Red Maple Seeds

Red Maple Seeds

Do you remember making the red maple seeds fly like helicopters when you were young? My friends and I always played with them when they were still green. I wonder how well these ones would fly?

Nature's Magnifying Glass

Nature’s Magnifying Glass

As I walked up my driveway I noticed that one of the tulip leaves in the front garden had this large droplet sitting on it. It was acting like a magnifying glass. What a great photo to end my walk today.