The View From Over Here

Nigel and I headed out to Colonel Sam Smith Park today. It was chilly out by the lake, but we hoped we could get a few good photos while we were here.

Yellow Bush on Rocks

I spotted this yellow bush all by itself on the shoreline.  A pretty little pop of colour against the blue ake.

The View From Here

These two ladies were enjoying the view of the city skyline in the distance. Nothing much else was happening at the park. It was that kind of day.

Afternoon Light at Splitrock

After a lovely visit with a friend at a local yarn store, I decided to swing by Splitrock Loop trail. My goal was not to hike the entire trail but to get more photos of the birches from the last hike


I tried so many different angles of the trees and settled on this one. I love the play of light and shadow in the image. 

Three Rocks

I walked a little further down the trail to where the trail splits for the loop section. Here I found this grouping of rocks, with the branches of a tree reaching down from above.

My main goal of this extra short walk was to get an interesting shot of the birches, and I’m really happy with what I’ve come away with.

A Quick Trip to Claireville

I met Nigel at Claireville for another walk around the trails today. I had a hard time being inspired by what we saw along the path. Although I took a bunch of photos, a lot of them ended up in the trash.


I liked this area of goldenrod flowers that had gone to seed. They look so soft and fluffy.

Claireville Footbridge

We liked the look of the footbridge crossing over the river in the late day’s light. The challenge was to find a spot to get a clear photo without any trees poking into our shots. We found that spot once we crossed the river and moved upstream. I focused more on the river, leaving the bridge as some interest in the background. This image was the best of the day.

Ducks of All Sorts

I’m off to Colonel Sam Smith Park with my friend Nigel. It’s the middle of January and we are hoping to find something to photograph. We’re anticipating seeing some ducks and lo and behold we find – ducks.

Gadwell Playing in the Waves

Gadwall Playing in the Waves

This Gadwall duck is playing in the waves at the shoreline before swimming as far from us as possible. I guess our long lenses are intimidating. Interesting fact about the Gadwall is that they often snatch food from diving ducks as they surface. They’re the pirates of the lake. 

Rocky Shoreline

Rocky Shoreline

I notice that the ducks seem to congregate along the shoreline. I guess the shallows are warmer. Do ducks even feel the cold? I wonder sometimes as I’ve seen them stand on ice for long periods and they seem to enjoy just barely unfrozen water all winter. How? And can you give that superpower to me?

Male Long Tail Duck

Male Long Tail Duck

This long-tailed duck is one of many enjoying a paddle around the shoreline. He has an impressive tail which I assume is for mating purposes but what’s interesting to note is his plumage during winter The males have two mirror-image plumages: in summer mostly black with a white face patch; in winter mostly white with rich brown, black, and gray on the face. I’ve only ever seen the winter plumage as they are from the high arctic and they are there for the summer and my travels don’t take me that far.

After our fill of the ducks we head home to warm up and plan our next outing.

Back on the Bruce

I’m back in Tobermory for my annual fall solo trip. I’m here a little later than usual (Because of my trip to Lisbon) and it looks to be a really nice weekend for some hikes along the Bruce. I’m only here for two nights so I’m limited to only one major hike and that’s today. So off I go to cover a little bit more ground on the Bruce Trail.

Leaves and Trees

Leaves and Trees

Hiking out to the Bruce Trail from the campsite I had a choice to make. Right or Left? I’ve hiked the trail to the left so I today I’m heading to the right to head south toward Stormhaven. Such an ominous name for a backcountry camping area. At least that’s all I think it is. 😉

Which way

Which way

The plan was to hike past Stormhaven and take a break at Halfway Dump Side trail before heading back to the campsite. That would put my hike at just over 11km. 

View From the Bruce Trail Cliffs

View From the Bruce Trail Cliffs

The Bruce Peninsula always has epic views that go on for miles and this section has so many opportunities to appreciate those views, over and over again. Of course we can’t forget the little things that reside here in the forest – the mighty mushroom! 😀

Forest floor

Forest floor

After my hike and filled up on a hearty dinner I started thinking that I needed to get some night shots before I left for the weekend. With my campsite so close to the lake I got my photo gear together and hiked out to a spot that gave me the best view of the Milky Way.

Reflections of the NIght Sky

Reflections of the Night Sky

It was a beautiful clear night and the Milky Way shone with all her glory. It’s so crazy that we have such amazing views from the earth out into the Universe and so many people don’t get a chance to experience it because they live in a light polluting city. I could stay here forever just looking up into the night sky.