Early Mornings and Late Nights

We decided to stay in Lion’s Head rather than in Tobermory this year, just for a change in pace. The decision ended up being a good one since our B&B was so close to a harbour with a picturesque view of sailboats in view of the morning sunrise. We knew we had to get up early to take advantage of this.

Sunrise at Lion's Head

Sunrise at Lion’s Head

The sunrise did not disappoint and neither did the view.

After the sun rose over the marina we headed back to our B&B and dug in to a well deserved breakfast. With our bellies full we were ready to conquer a hike on the Bruce Trail.

Driftwood on the rocky shoreline.

Driftwood on the rocky shoreline.

It turned out to be a great day with clear sunny skies and a bit of breeze as we hiked along with shoreline of Georgian Bay. I made sure to get really low on the shot above to make the driftwood seem much larger than it really was. Changing your point of view can dramatically change your photo results. Give it a try next time you’re out.

Lakeside Daisy

Lakeside Daisy

As we were driving back to the B&B we noticed an area filled with Lakeside daisies, so you know we had to stop and get some photos. Again I decided to get very low for this shot. The daisies are very short at only a couple inches so shooting down on them would not have given me the photo I was looking for.

Back at the B&B we got in a short nap before dinner and then it was time to prepare for a late night shoot. My main goal for this trip was to focus on improving my skills in astrophotography. One of the things I wanted to try was a panoramic to capture the full Milky Way across Little Cove.

Milky Way at Dave's Bay

Milky Way at Dave’s Bay

It looks to me as though I may have captured some northern lights. It was a beautiful Way to end a great day on the shores of Georgian Bay.

Journey to Tobermory

Today starts the annual Orchid Festival in Tobermory, Ontario. A few friends and I love coming up for the weekend and to me it signifies the start of the summer season up north. As per the norm for us we take the weavy, wobbly way up to see what the backroads have to offer us. One of the first places we stopped at was Jones Falls. A side trail of the Bruce Trail that runs along the river upstream from Jones Falls. One can get some great views from above but its just not the same as getting down to the base to shoot from below.

Jones From Above

Jones From Above

We scouted around and eventually found a safe way to get down. Once down we picked our way upriver to the base of the falls. It is pretty spectacular once we got up to it. Below is my favourite view of the falls.

Jones Falls From Below

Jones Falls From Below

There were a few more stops along the way before we settled in at the hotel and after grabbing some dinner we raced down to the shore to catch the last light of the day. We were a little late to the party so we decided with the mostly clear skies we would head over to Dave’s Bay to catch some stars.

Starry Night on Dave's Bay

Starry Night on Dave’s Bay

It was a great evening on the beach and surprisingly not as cold as I thought it would be. Nights can be chilly here in the spring so we were happy be able to stick around as the last light of the day vanished.