A Slippery Start

I met my friend Nigel today for a socially distanced walk down part of the Humber Recreational Trail. The first few minutes of our walk we ended up slipping and sliding along the path, so we decided to go back to our respective cars for our ice trackers. It ended up being a good decision since the path turned out to be quite icy for most of our walk.

The Old Tree

You’ll notice from the photo above that this spot might look a little familiar. The last time I was on this trail I did the same section stopping to get a photo of this exact tree. This time, however, the lake was frozen over and I was able to get a much better angle. I wanted the tree to stand out from the background, so when I post processed it I lightened up the tree and the reeds while darkening the tree trunks in the background. This makes the tree pop.

The rest of the walk was uneventful and I didn’t end up taking any more photos. I think I will have to find another place for inspiration because there are only so many photos I can take of this tree. 

Bad Weather is Brewing

I met my friend Nigel at Meadowvale Conservation Area for a hike around the credit river. It was an overcast day but the place looked promising when we spotted a hawk in a nearby tree. We, of course, had the wrong lenses to capture an image of the hawk. The hawk didn’t stick around long so we headed onto the trail where we saw one more hawk. I swear, they were taunting us.

Credit River

There were some good views of the credit river from different spots along the trail.

Stormy Day

This spooky tree stood out against this section of the river. I tried a few different spots along the trail to photograph it but I liked this one the best. There is another trail in the other direction from the parking lot. We may have to try it out next time we head this way to see what surprises lie there. And maybe I’ll bring my long lens, just in case.

Killing Time at Professors Lake

I dropped my dad off for his appointment, and since I had time to kill until I was to pick him up, I decided to wander the path around Professor’s Lake. I have never taken the trail here, even though I used to run a photo group from their facility. Go figure.

Professors Lake

I tried my best at finding shots that didn’t include all the homes that seem to be everywhere along this lake. I was able to take two shots that were only of the natural environment.

Autumn at the Lake

It was a lovely walk along the trail but a little too urban for my tastes. 

The Old Apple Tree

Just another day in the neighbourhood, walking around, taking some photos. But before I get to that, I did get out for a walk in Claireville with my friend Nigel. And I only have one photo to show for it.

Under the Old Tree

Under the Old Tree

Yup, this is it. No other photo I took here looked good to me. I heavily edited this one – added a new sky (the old one was so blah) and I gave it a nice autumn glow. 

Because I was so underwhelmed by the Claireville photos, I went for that neighbourhood walk I mentioned. I was much more successful on this walk.

Pink Leaf

Pink Leaf

I mean, come on, look at this pretty pink leaf. I have no idea what kind of plant it is, but I can tell you it was low to the ground and the nearby tree didn’t have the same leaves. Another one to add to the books to figure out. Oh, and you’ll notice the focus is not sharp on the entire leaf. That’s because I was using my old manual 55mm lens. It has a very small area of focus. It frustrates me a lot. Now and again I still try to use it. One day I will conquer it. I may have to come back again and shoot it with my 105mm lens to compare the difference.


Further down the path, I found an apple tree with its yellow fruit just hanging around. These particular apples caught my attention because of how the light was shining on them. I was much happier with the photos from my neighbourhood walk today. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery. And surprisingly for me, that was going back to my neighbourhood walk.

The Skipper

I just love the Silverberry tree. It stands out in stark contrast to its neighbours with its lovely yellow fragrant flowers and silver leaves. 

Silverberry Bloom

Silverberry Bloom

Expect to see more of these yellow blooms in future posts as I try to get the best possible photo of them.

Behind the high school they’ve allowed nature to take over. A lovely meadow has grown up here, leading up to the creek edge where the willows are. Along the edges of the meadow there are tawny skippers flitting about.



Occasionally they are willing to pose for you. Okay, that’s probably wishful thinking but this one did stick around long enough for me to get some photos of it from a couple of angles.

White Lilac

White Lilac

On my way home I spotted some white lilacs in someone’s front yard. I only shot a couple photos of it and now I wished I had spent a bit more time with them. Maybe another day.